Katy Perry, the pop star with more Twitter followers than anyone on Earth, is set to take the halftime stage at the Super Bowl on Sunday. What will she sing? What will she wear? How many people dressed as cats will be involved?

Here’s everything that we know so far:

 She’s going to sing all of her popular songs.

Perry told ESPN that she’s “squeezing in as many familiar hits as possible” with a mash-up of songs so that people in the stadium and at home can sing along. So, let’s see, that probably means “Hot n Cold”; “California Gurls”; “Teenage Dream”; “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”; “Wide Awake”; “Roar”; “Dark Horse.” Can we expect a finale of “Firework”? And given how cautious halftime shows have become, is she allowed to sing “I Kissed a Girl”?

 It’s going to be funny.

“I want to bring the humor, I want to bring the color, I want to bring the sass and I want to bring the incredible joy,” Perry said in an interview with the Daily Mail. (Based on Perry’s feline obsession, we’re assuming this means there will be cats.)

 Lenny Kravitz will be there.

Perry teased Kravitz as one of the special guests so “American Woman” will probably be on the playlist. Who knows who else will show up?

 Perry will be on stage for 12½ minutes and promises and to be on her best behavior.

“There’s no trying to sabotage myself,” she said. “I have no other motive besides the music and to share the songs that I’ve created over the years.”