Superintendent of Cape Elizabeth schools Meredith Nadeau will not serve as the next superintendent of Weston Public Schools in Massachusetts.

The Weston School Committee on Jan. 22 chose Dr. Thomas F. Campbell, director of human resources in the Needham Public Schools, for the position. Campbell’s role as superintendent in Weston will begin on July 1, according to an announcement made by Weston’s Superintendent Cheryl Maloney, Ph.D., on the school district’s website.

Nadeau learned she was one of three finalists for the Massachusetts job in early January. Dr. Jennifer Fisher-Mueller, deputy superintendent of teaching and learning for Brookline Public Schools in Massachusetts, was also a finalist for the position.

On Jan. 15, Nadeau visited Weston Public Schools for the first time to meet the students, staff, parents, and administration, and to participate in a public interview with the Weston School Committee. Nadeau said she enjoyed visiting the other schools and classrooms and talking with others about education.

When asked what she learned during her tour, she said, “Weston is a very strong district committed to continuous learning and growth and is in a state that is leading the country in educational performance.”

Reacting to the Weston School Committee’s decision to hire another candidate, Nadeau said she appreciated the opportunity and was glad they found the right fit for their district.

“It was an honor to be considered,” said Nadeau, whose contract in Cape Elizabeth ends June 30, 2017.

Nadeau has served as the superintendent of the Cape Elizabeth School Department since 2011. She was the second contender in southern Maine this school year to be recruited for a superintendent position in Massachusetts. Superintendent of Scarborough schools, George Entwistle III, had been in the running for a position in Lexington, Mass., but in December he was notified that he was no longer a candidate.

The Cape Elizabeth School Department enrolls 1,647 students and has an annual budget of $23 million. Since 2011, Nadeau has overseen one of Maine’s highest-performing school districts, which has gained state and national recognition and has accomplished several projects, including the launch of full-day kindergarten.

A few other accomplishments of Nadeau’s to date include implementing summer learning programming, extending world language instruction to first-graders, and overseeing a comprehensive facilities needs assessment and the creation of a 10-year Capital Improvement Plan to update and maintain the district’s aging buildings.

According to Cape Elizabeth School Board Chairwoman Joanna Morrissey, during her tenure, Nadeau has also successfully delivered a mission, vision, and strategic plan to prepare students “for the unique challenges they will face as 21st century citizens.” Nadeau is also capable of ensuring that the needs of all constituents in the district are met – from students, to families, to teachers and community supporters – while continuing to meet the district’s goals.

Nadeau said the district has a variety of goals identified in its strategic plan that will sustain its focus in the next few years. More information about the goals and objectives of the plan can be viewed on the district’s website at

Nadeau said she enjoys working in a district that is small enough to get to know the staff and students by name and in “a community that deeply values education and provides the resources necessary to meet student learning needs.

But “the work to move a district forward does not happen alone,” she said. “It requires the commitment of parents, staff, community members, and the School Board and a belief that we can always do better in our efforts to meet student needs.”

The Cape Elizabeth School Department is fortunate to have Nadeau at the helm of the district, said Morrissey, and “greatly respects and values her dedication.”

The School Board was not surprised that Nadeau’s abilities as superintendent drew the attention of another high-performing school district in Massachusetts, she said.

“Meredith Nadeau brings intelligence, innovation, foresight, and energy to the Cape Elizabeth school district,” said Morrissey.

If Nadeau were chosen for the position in Massachusetts, “she would have been extremely difficult to replace,” she added, as Nadeau is the “perfect fit” for the Cape Elizabeth community.

“To have been recruited and to make it to the final round in a distinguished district such as Weston, Massachusetts, is an honor and very exciting,” said Morrissey. “However, we are incredibly grateful for her service to our district, and we are thrilled she will continue.”

Meredith Nadeau

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