Commuter ferry gets towed after running into ice pack

A Boston-bound commuter ferry carrying more than 100 passengers got delayed by about 45 minutes when it was slowed down by the coastal ice pack.

An official with Boston Harbor Cruises, which operates ferry service for the MBTA, says the ferry Massachusetts departed Hingham at about 8:30 a.m. Friday right behind a company ice breaker, the Warren Jr.

Alison Nolan says the Massachusetts “lost steerage” in Hingham Harbor and went off course, so the Warren Jr. towed it the rest of the way into Boston Harbor.


Extreme cold causes major water main break

The Rutland public works director says the city is dealing with a “major” water main break. Jeffrey Wennberg says the extreme cold, which caused the break, is making it difficult to fix. He says three blocks of properties will be without water while the problem is isolated, but he says more residents could be affected.

The city held an emergency meeting Friday afternoon.


Police issue warrant for ‘very large’ alleged robber

As far as bank robbery suspects go, the guy police say hit a central Massachusetts credit union last week is hard to miss.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for 28-year-old Joseph Naylor, who’s suspected of robbing the Leominster Credit Union on Feb. 12.

Police say Naylor is 6 feet, 7 inches tall and weighs 340 pounds. He is believed to be homeless. A suspect described by witnesses as “very large” handed a teller a note demanding money and after being given an undisclosed amount of cash, quickly walked out.

— From news service reports