FORT MYERS, Fla. — Pablo Sandoval is only a couple of weeks into his Red Sox experience but he already looks quite comfortable.

Easygoing with his new teammates, quick with a smile and ever-ready to impart advice to the younger players, Sandoval’s transition has been notably seamless and positive.

“If I can give advice to the youngest guys here on the team, there’s going to be things that haven’t happened before – I want to teach them the right way to respect the game, on and off the field,” Sandoval said. “Those are the things you learn if you want to be a good teammate.”

With seven years of big league experience under his belt, the 28-year-old Sandoval was careful to make sure with his new teachers if it was OK for him to impart what he knew.

“The manager and the coaching staff, they teach us a lot of stuff, they see that part of the game,” said Sandoval. “They let me teach what I’ve learned so far. Because of all the things inside the game, I’ve got a great communication with the staff. I have great communication with people, and it’s going to make (us) a better team.”

Manager John Farrell expressed a great deal of satisfaction with the amount of leadership Sandoval is showing. The club did its research on his off-field reputation but like everyone else was waiting to see what the real Sandoval would be like.

The status of Allen Craig, who endured a foot injury all of last season and has no set job right now, will be under great scrutiny by not just the Red Sox, but many other teams in search of offense.

Farrell said it is not too early to see an improved swing with Craig.

“The foot isn’t an issue at this point and we don’t anticipate it to be, we just see increased core strength and better bat speed,” said Farrell.

“I know it’s just BP but he looks different than when we got him.”

There are no nagging injuries to speak of on the team. A knee issue with Bryce Brentz has cleared up and Farrell said the outfielder would be “game ready” Tuesday.

Infielder Brock Holt “is dealing with a ball fouled off his big front toe but everything has checked out negative – he’s fine,” said Farrell.