I am writing this letter as a concerned citizen. I have lived in Kennebunk for 15 years. It is an amazing place to live and raise a family. My kids have attended beautiful schools up until the time my oldest entered high school. On the outside, the school looks nice and our grounds are well kept so one would assume the inside was equally as nice.

I was astonished at how bad the conditions are. In addition to the building, our tennis courts, stadium field and track need to be updated. It is embarrassing to host a basketball game as the officials must get ready in a classroom. Should they need to shower after the game, they must wait until one of the teams has left the locker room. We cannot host any other sporting events on the same night as a football game because we cannot access the locker room as the visiting team is using it.

We should be proud of our high school and want people to see it. I get calls from people, considering a move to Kennebunk. They usually tell me they’re coming to tour the school and they’ll be in touch if they plan to move. Ironically, I haven’t heard back from a single person after they’ve toured our school.

Joe Schwartzman, Kennebunk