The city of Westbrook has condemned a second apartment building, after electrical code and fire safety violations were brought to the city’s attention this week.

Twelve people were displaced when the building at 689 Main St. was condemned Tuesday morning, said Mike Corey, the Westbrook Fire Department’s fire safety inspector.

Corey said all of the tenants of the eight-unit building were moved out by the end of Tuesday. The electricity was shut off Wednesday.

City National Bank of Beverly Hills, California, owns the building and is paying for the tenants to stay in motels until permanent housing can be found for them.

The residents were moved into motels by Clarke Painting, a property maintenance company that was hired by the bank to help the residents, Corey said.

Corey said a resident of the building notified city officials about concerns about the wiring system. Inspectors walked through the building Tuesday and found smoke detectors that were not working or improperly installed, exposed wiring, and outlets that had short-circuited.

“Conditions were dangerous enough that we had to quickly shut it down,” Corey said. “The conditions were almost identical to what we found on Brackett Street.”

Less than a month ago, Westbrook condemned the apartment building at 158-160 Brackett St. for safety code violations, a decision that left 23 people homeless, including 12 children.

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