SANFORD — The Planning Board next week will hold a public hearing to consider approving a new marijuana-growing facility to accommodate the medicinal needs of up to 10 patients.

The proposal would see an indoor medicinal marijuana grow operation at 27 Hancock Drive, in a portion of a facility once used for lumber sales, in south Sanford, just off Main Street.

The proposal is coming before the Planning Board because of how the area is zoned. It is in the urban zone, where medicinal and botanical manufacturing is permitted as a conditional use by the board. That means the Planning board will consider the plan and may approve it, with conditions.

The potential growers for the Hancock Lane space ”“ Chris Smith and Bryce Legere, who have formed a company called G-Force Farms, LLC ”“ are licensed by the state as caregivers, and each of them may grow medicinal marijuana for up to five patients.

Different growing operations at the old mill at 72 Emery Street did not require Planning Board scrutiny because the facility was already under a contract zone, according to assistant codes officer Jamie Cole. He estimated there are upwards of 10 caregivers in the mill, growing medicinal marijuana for five patients each.

As to G”“Force Farms, LLC, Smith lives in Sanford, and Legere in Limerick. The men are contractors. Smith said he and his wife, who have two children, own a business and have sponsored local sports teams, while Legere, who is also married with two children, has a construction business in Limerick.

The growing operation would be closed to the public; the only folks inside would be a maximum of four employees, Smith said in a letter to the Planning Board.

Both men said they plan to install charcoal scrubbers inside to clean any potential odor escaping the building ”“ even though there are no state laws concerning the odor emanating from marijuana growing operations.

”We know how important (it is) that any air leaving the building does not smell,” said Smith in his letter to the Planning Board.

The Planning Board’s public hearing is set for 7 p.m. Wednesday in the third floor council chambers of City Hall, at 919 Main St.

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