Joel Glatz originally parked his food cart down by the Casco Bay Lines Ferry terminal, but he found people there were in a hurry, always looking at their watch as they tried to catch the next boat.

So he moved down a few blocks down Commercial Street to the area around DiMillo’s and Long Wharf, where there’s more foot traffic and hungry tourists.

“People around here are walking around more, they’re meandering more, they’re waiting for a cruise or a tour,” he said. “They’re just wandering around shopping.”

WHAT HE SELLS: Lobster rolls, lobster grilled cheese, crab melts, hot dogs, and occasionally fish tacos or pulled pork.

HOW MUCH: Prices range from $3 for a hot dog to $14.95 for a lobster roll.

CUSTOMER FAVORITE: Lobster grilled cheese made with Cabot sharp cheddar.

HOW TO FIND HIM: Commercial Street near DiMillo’s, Wednesday through Sunday; on First Friday, he moves to Monument Square for the evening.