The Portland Hurling Club reached the semifinals in the Junior C division at the North American County Board finals in Oak Forest, Illinois, before losing 0-17 to 1-6 against Madison, Wisconsin, on Sept. 6.

Portland won its first two games – 4-9 to 2-5 over Seattle and 4-9 to 2-4 over Denver.

Portland was undefeated in six regular-season games and qualified for the national tournament by winning the Northeast Championship with a 5-15, 0-5 victory over the Barley House Wolves of Concord, New Hampshire.

Leo Bartelloni aced the 10th hole at Biddeford-Saco Country Club on Aug. 30, using an 8-iron for the 160-yard shot. His playing partners were Bill Bell and John Kerry.

Napat Intarachumnum used a 9-iron to ace the 10th hole at Biddeford-Saco Country Club on Aug. 31. The shot was witnessed by Nate Rutherford, Austin Robinson and Brian Pike.

Scott Carter carded a hole-in-one on the 162-yard 17th hole at the Woodlands Club on Sept. 1. He used a 6-iron for the shot, which was witnessed by John Murphy.

Roy Pinette, playing in a foursome with Bruce Dunphey, Dana Cleaves and Lester Doucette, used an 8-iron to ace the 115-yard 15th hole at Nonesuch River on Sept. 6.

Steve Spencer recorded a hole-in-one on the fifth hole at Purpoodock Golf Club on Sept. 12. Spencer used an 8-iron for the 184-yard shot, which was witnessed by Jim Lomac, Louie Koukos and Dave Miley.