FAIRFIELD — Police on Monday helped Main Street residents deal with an unwanted visitor – a 3½-foot long python – that showed up in their apartment in search of a meal.

An officer was called to the residence shortly after 10:20 p.m. to deal with a snake that was loose in the apartment, trying to eat the residents’ pet parakeets, Capt. Paul St. Amand said Tuesday.

The snake, a python, did not belong to the apartment residents and they did not know where it had come from, he said.

“Apparently, it was hungry,” Amand said.

Officer Matthew Wilcox picked up the animal and put it into a pillowcase for the trip to the Police Department. The Maine Warden Service collected the snake Tuesday morning and St. Amand believes it will be taken to an animal sanctuary.

Police believe the snake is a pet that escaped from another apartment in the building, but no one has called the department to report a missing snake, St. Amand said.