10 years ago

From the Journal Tribune: “A 20-year-old Portland man was charged with alcohol and drug-related offenses early Friday after rescue crews spent six hours looking for him overnight after his mother reported him missing. A volunteer Hollis firefighter allegedly found George Tully-Young asleep in the back of his Toyota Rav 4 down a little-used and unplowed dead-end road near the Poland Spring plant at 6 a.m. on Friday. Authorities say the man was still intoxicated when her was awakened by sheriff ’s deputies and apparently suffered no ill effects from his experience.”

50 years ago

From the Biddeford-Saco Journal: “Gene L. Stickney, 19, of Old Orchard road, Saco will appear in Saco 10th District Court on Monday to answer charges of peeing in the nighttime. Saco Police Chief Robert Foran said today that Stickney was apprehended last night after a report was received from Mrs. Jeanne Donovan of 229 North St., Saco.”

100 years ago

From the Biddeford Daily Journal: “Cumberland county is really rich. Just at present, there is a cash balance on hand in the possession of County Treasurer King S. Raymond of $123,580.71 and all the bills now due have been paid. These figures show that the county has cash on hand to almost double what was held the first day of 1915.”

— Krysteana Scribner