The air way up there where Steve Woods lives must be awful clean and clear. It allows him to easily look down on those he deems enlightened and those he deems “foolish” (Intentionally Unreasonable: “Why we can’t be friends”).

By “foolish,” I take Woods to mean those with whom he disagrees.

These people may have different experiences, see the state and country differently, or hope for a different future than Woods. This does not make them fools. This makes them different. I am concerned that this type of childish dismissiveness is pervading our culture. Woods and others have labels for anyone who questions or threatens their world view. This is not healthy.

His comments belie his “progressive” leavings. For those who are unaware of the historical context, progressivism is American Socialism. It is far-left, “I know better than you” politics. In their perfect world Donald Trump would not be allowed to run for office, citizens would not be allowed to own firearms and “climate deniers” would be criminalized.

Steve, thank you for showing us the tolerance and open-mindedness that identifies your group. As for me, I’ll keep my friends with a variety of world views. We respectfully banter and engage in charged discussions. What a pleasure to give and take in the supermarket of ideas with real friends.

Until I know it all, I’ll keep my friends, respect their opinions and continue on the road to enlightenment.

Cliff Ryan
Cape Elizabeth

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