HAMPSTEAD, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire elected official who described at a budget meeting how he would attack students has been barred from school property.

Jorge Mesa-Tejada can access the Hampstead School District’s property only with written permission from Timberlane Regional School District Superintendent Earl Metzler.

The order stems from comments made at a Jan. 14 advisory budget committee meeting over concerns a school’s classrooms aren’t connected to the main building, leaving students vulnerable.

Committee Chairman Mesa-Tejada objected to proposed renovations, saying if he were planning a shooting attack he wouldn’t do it while the students were walking to the main building but would wait until recess and “have a field day.”

Metzler’s office says a no-trespass order is in effect, with the exception of voting rights.

Mesa-Tejada has apologized for the remarks.

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