Ice fisherman Vaughn Plourde of Eagle Lake caught a togue on Eagle Lake on Feb. 21 that measured 39 inches long and weighed 23.5 pounds.

A photo of Plourde and his catch was posted by Pond Brook Cabins on their webpage, and was shared by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife on its Facebook page. The department noted that lake trout, also known as togue, are one of the longest living fish, and the one Plourde caught could be as old as 27 years old.

“It could also be a stocked togue that swam down from St. Froid Lake where lake trout were stocked in 1976. That would make it 40 years old,” the department noted.

The department’s Facebook post was shared more than 10,000 times as of last week.

But in its report, the department did not point out the togue Plourde caught was far from the state record lake trout. That would be the 31.8-pound fish caught by Hollis Grindle of Ellsworth in 1958 on Beech Hill Pond in Otis.