Debi Gray’s new popcorn topping has something in common with potato chips, the Toll House cookie and corn flakes. They were all invented by mistake.

Gray, who lives in Harrison, was making some popcorn topping for her grandson from an old recipe book. She erred in mixing it together and the result was Popcorn Lov, a honey-based topping that gives popcorn a salty-sweet flavor reminiscent of kettle corn but gooier.

Gray almost threw out her original batch, until her grandson said he would eat it anyway and pronounced it delicious. Gray started taking popcorn drizzled with the topping to parties and family gatherings, and friends and family encouraged her to sell it.

“People were making a big deal out of it,” Gray said. ” ‘Who made the popcorn?’ This went on for a year.”

In June, Gray and her friend and business partner, Becky Cummings, started commercial production of Popcorn Lov, which contains organic honey, butter, coconut oil and sea salt.

One 7-ounce jar costs $10 and contains enough topping for four batches, or 16 servings, of popped corn. The instructions on the jar call for drizzling 31/2 tablespoons of topping over a batch of popcorn made from a half-cup of unpopped kernels.

Popcorn Lov is heated by putting the whole jar into a simmering pan of water so the thick topping inside can liquefy. (Microwaving is not recommended because the honey will heat up too quickly.)

People who love honey will love the flavor. “There are some people who don’t drizzle it at all, they just eat it with a spoon,” Cummings said.

Customers have told Gray and Cummings they also use the topping on chicken, salmon, waffles and toast or dip apples in it.

Popcorn Lov is available at Lois’ Natural Marketplace in Scarborough, Lisa-Marie’s Made in Maine in Portland and on the Popcorn Lov website (