Building a home gym inside your home can motivate you to work out more often and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Fitness experts advise that homeowners building a home gym in their homes emphasize lighting in the room that will soon transform into a gym.

A well-lit room, whether the light is coming from several windows, a door or recessed lighting in the ceiling can help men and women maintain their energy levels throughout their workouts, whereas darker rooms can lead to feelings of sluggishness, which can compromise workout routines.

In addition, when building a home gym, keep the room free of clutter and unnecessary items that will only be a distractions during workouts. Potentially valuable additions to home gyms include plants, which can increase oxygen levels in the room, and at least one mirror, which can help men and women focus on their movements and ensure they are performing exercises correctly.

Homeowners building a home gym also should consider finding room for a wall-mounted television to make time spent on elliptical machines or treadmills less monotonous. If possible, homeowners should connect a streaming device to the television so they can catch up on their favorite shows or watch movies as they burn calories.

It’s also good to find space for a mini refrigerator in the gym, which should be kept well stocked with water. This can prevent runs to the kitchen in the middle of a workout.