It was just a year ago that House District 45 Rep. Mike Timmons, R-Cumberland, declined to support the bill that would have funded “Land for Maine’s Future,” including the Knight’s Pond property that is so enthusiastically supported by his constituents. Now this year, he’s taken the same course of action by declining to support LD 1649, modernization of the state’s solar power market that would have invested in Maine’s future by expanding solar energy usage. The bill would have underscored our commitment to renewable resources, and created numerous, desperately needed clean energy jobs throughout the state.

What’s so troubling is that Timmons supported the bill to expand solar energy before he didn’t. He participated in a bipartisan lawmaking effort that advanced the bill. But after Gov. Paul LePage vetoed the bill in April, and a critical vote was held in the House of Representatives to override the veto, Timmons switched his allegiance and stood by the governor. He declined to vote by being absent from the House.

So in spite of broad public support for solar energy expansion in the state, and the jobs it would help create, our representative takes a walk on Cumberland residents and stands with the governor. It’s time to reclaim our House seat in Augusta and let the independent, moderate views of Cumberland residents be heard.

John Berrett