Please vote yes on June 14 for ballot Question 1, which funds the Route 100 project. I was on the Route 100 Town Committee and learned a lot from the project’s public forums: area residents can hardly get to their mailboxes due to the dangerous traffic; children can’t go down the block to play; a trip to the credit union or Hannaford 200 feet away from your house requires a car. West Falmouth once hosted many shops, an elementary school and a real sense of neighborhood. This proposal restores that community with an improved roadway, sidewalks and bike lanes while correcting ill-designed intersections like at Mountain and Gray roads. It lays sewer lines, which will spur business development, adding to our town’s tax base. This is a win-win. No tax increase, the state chipping in $4 million, and smart use of the TIF financing. Please vote yes on Question 1.

Steve Melchiskey


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