State fisheries biologists in the Midcoast have some doubts about a record-sized rainbow trout caught on Vinalhaven last weekend. But the editors at The Maine Sportsman, the keepers of the state’s fishing records, are calling it a winner for now.

Timothy Kelley of Arkansas was on vacation in Maine when he caught a 13-pound, 9-ounce rainbow trout in a quarry on the island off Rockland on June 4. The problem, as state biologists see it, is that a quarry is not a natural body of water with tributaries, and is akin to a private pond.

“There is probably private stocking in a quarry pond. It’s not stocked by the state. Who knows how big (the fish) was when it was stocked in there? I’m not sure where the department stands with it,” said fisheries biologist Scott Davis.

But at The Maine Sportsman office in Augusta, editor Will Lund said they’re calling it a record for now. The trout was 32.5 inches in length and had a girth of 17.4 inches, according to the Sportsman.

“We are very excited for Timothy. What an amazing series of events – the timing was astonishing: On vacation, new child, no fishing license, free fishing weekend, buys a pole and lures, breaks state record,” said Alex Theberg, the creative director at the Sportsman.

However, Lund said the record may be reviewed.

“Regarding the concept of a private pond, personally I feel differently about a quarry that’s fished by the public than I would about a backyard koi pond, but it’s something we will have to look into,” Lund said.