MADISON, Wis. — Former “Saved by the Bell” star Dustin Diamond tested positive for a painkiller last month in violation of his probation conditions, according to records the Wisconsin Department of Corrections released Friday.

Diamond, 39, who played Screech on the popular 1990s television show about a group of California high school students, was convicted last year in Wisconsin on charges he stabbed a man during a barroom brawl in Port Washington, just north of Milwaukee, in 2014. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail. He was released in April and placed on probation with conditions that he maintain absolute sobriety and not use any controlled substances or prescription medication without a doctor’s permission.

He was arrested on May 25 and spent two days in the Ozaukee County Jail for what corrections officials would describe only as a probation violation. Records released Friday show Diamond’s urine test came back positive for oxycodone.

His probation agent wrote in her report that when she confronted Diamond about the test he initially denied using any drugs or alcohol but then said he may have taken a pill for a toothache two days before the test.

He said he thought the pill was from an old prescription and didn’t know what it was, according to the agent’s report. Diamond said there were no pills left, he had thrown the bottle away and he hadn’t seen a doctor for pain medication since he was released from jail, the report said.

The probation agent wrote that Diamond lied about the use of a narcotic drug and didn’t follow its prescription.

Diamond’s attorney in the stabbing case, Daniel Fay, said he no longer represents Diamond and doesn’t know anything about the probation violation.

– From news service reports