As I contemplate the events of the past two weeks, I smile with a great deal of pride. These 16 kids, these 16 Freeport High School baseball players did more than just earn a trip to the Class B State Championship, though that in itself is a historic achievement. These 16 boys accomplished something so much bigger than that. The Freeport High School baseball brought the RSU 5 community together in a way that no one else has been able to do. During a two-week period, they brought the towns of Durham, Freeport and Pownal together as one – unified in its support of the Freeport Falcons.

It was about kids. It was about the team, our team. It was about support, RSU 5 community support. It was about coming together to encourage our team, support our high school and our three towns. It was about Falcon Pride.

The community support was remarkable, and this isn’t limited to the baseball team. Our girls varsity lacrosse team traveled to Yarmouth for a Regional Quarter Final. Freeport High School spectators outnumbered Yarmouth’s 2 to 1. At Greely, for the boys Regional Semi Final baseball game, once again, Freeport fans outnumbered the home team by at least 2 to 1. The same thing happened for the Southern Maine Regional Championship baseball game at St. Joseph’s College versus Cape Elizabeth. Freeport supporters were there in force.

The State Championship baseball game versus Old Town High School at the Mansfield Complex in Bangor was no different. Freeport High School supporters had to travel over 100 miles to support their team. Old Town High School was just a mere 12 miles away, yet RSU 5 fans, once again, outnumbered the opposition by at least 2 to 1. Their support and encouragement was most evident.

Congratulations to Head Coach Bill Ridge and his staff: JV Coach Kyle Goodrich, Volunteer Assistant Coaches Bob Humphrey and Scott Shea. Congratulations and thank you to the varsity baseball team for taking us along on a magical journey.

Thank you to the RSU 5 community for your support, the loyal and tireless efforts of the boosters, and a special thank you to the people of the police, fire and rescue departments for providing amazing and memorable escorts through town.

I’ve never been more proud to be the athletic administrator for RSU 5 and Freeport High School.

I can’t wait for the next sports season to begin. Go Falcons!

Craig Sickels

RSU 5 athletic administrator