The next to the last line of Edgar Allen Beem’s July 22 rant against Trump and Republicans in general (“Hilary Clinton and the end of white male privilege”) reads: “Trump is the perfect candidate for angry white men and their subservient mates.”

Seldom does one read a piece in which the writer vents his spleen with less restraint and more animosity. His irritability and frustration are almost palpable. His piece is chock full of charming words and phrases directed against Trump and Republicans who don’t share his enlightened opinions: “buffoon,” “mendacious conservatives.” “do-nothing, know-nothing Republican obstructionists,” “fraud,” “warped imaginations,” etc.

There’s a line written by the Scottish poet Robert Burns, which goes something like this: “Oh, God, the gift do give us to see ourselves as others see us.” Is Beem so biased that he doesn’t realize that he meets all of the criteria that he so unthinkingly disparages in his political opponents: an angry, white privileged male with a subservient mate (the latter is gratuitously nasty)?

Get a grip on yourself, Mr. Beem. Anger management counseling may help.

Walter J. Eno

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