The Department of Transportation will pave portions of Lower Main Street and South Freport beginning in 2017, with money from the Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System (PACTS), and town matches in each case.

PACTS has invested $753,815 for the Lower Main Street job, with the town kicking in half, or about $377,000. Freeport will pay one-quarter, or $100,000, toward the $400,000 PACTS investment on South Freeport Road, from the Big Indian on U.S. Route 1 to near South Freeport village.

John Duncan, PACTS director, said Monday that the South Freeport Road job will be done in 2017. The Lower Main Street project could come later, perhaps 2018, Duncan said.

“We now send out list to the state and the state will decide which year,” Duncan said. “They won’t be this year.”

The Portland Area Comprehensive Transporation System announced last week that the organizaton has invested $9,522,812 in area transportation projects. Three-quarters of the projects are funded with Federal Highway Administration funds and a local match of 25 percent. The “other road projects,” which include the Lower Maine Street job, are funded with half state funds and half local matches. Lower Main Street stretches from Independence to Irving Oil, on the other side of Desert Road.

Earl Gibson, superintendent of Freeport Public Works, said Monday that the DOT will be in the charge of both PACTS jobs. The South Freeport Road work is not related to projects the town crew will begin in South Freeport village in September, Gibson said. The town will repair and resurface Main, Middle and Park streets in South Freeport Village.

The PACTS region is 18 municipalities from Freeport to Arundel to Raymond. PACTS works closely with the DOT, which builds the projects selected by PACTS.

Next year, the Maine Department of Transportation will repair South Freeport Road from the U.S. Route 1 intersection, above, to the edge of South Freeport village.

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