Thanks to Kate Irish Collins for her Aug. 31 story on contrasting statements by Senate district 30 candidates Amy Volk and Jean-Marie Caterina regarding the latest outrageous language and behavior by Paul LePage.

After six long years of silence on a string of divisive and embarrassing statements and actions by the governor, Volk gets some credit for publicly stating “deep concerns” about his behavior, but stops well short of advocating meaningful action. Does Volk seriously think that the people of Maine are best served by a never ending cycle of abusive behavior followed by unconvincing apologies?

Caterina gets to the heart of the issue by saying “the governor’s policies can no longer be divorced from his character and Maine needs better from the leader of our state.” The sad truth is that LePage lacks the leadership skills and policy ideas necessary to solve Maine’s urgent problems. The Maine legislature needs pragmatic problem-solvers like Caterina to replace COP loyalists like Volk.

Steve Hendrickson

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