A Bath man will spend four years in prison after pleading guilty to charges connected to a number of peeping tom” incidents in the Bowdoin College area last year.

Stephen McIntire, 55, was arrested by Bath police late last November after it was alleged that a 28-year-old woman came home to find a man sitting on her couch exposing himself. The woman ran upstairs and secured herself in the bedroom, retrieved a handgun for protection and called 911. A police dog led police from the scene to McIntire’s residence.

McIntire was later arrested and charged with burglary, aggravated criminal trespass, criminal threatening, indecent conduct and theft.

As a result of that investigation, officers uncovered evidence that McIntire had been spying on women in Brunswick area.

Brunswick Police said there were about a dozen total peeping tom incidents reported during a four-month period in 2015.

Police stated that McIntire took “non-consensual videos of adults inside their residences that were captured through the windows,” according to a February statement. “Some residences were off-campus and some were on campus.”

On Friday, Deputy District Attorney Jonathan R. Liberman said McIntire pleaded guilty to two counts of Violation of Privacy in Cumberland County. He has also admitted to a motion to revoke his probation, said Liberman.

The state will not proceed with the Bath case and those charges have been dismissed.

“This decision was not made in haste, and is based on a thorough review of the evidence,” Liberman wrote in a press release.

The release continued: “Generally, a thorough investigation will bring more certainty and more clarity to the alleged crimes. In this matter, the investigation yielded multiple areas of concern which significantly affected the State’s ability to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt as to the crimes that occurred in Bath on November 24, 2015. This includes new information that has come to light since the case was presented to the grand jury.”

“Stephen McIntire has pleaded guilty to charges which can be proven; specifically the charges of violation of privacy in Cumberland County, and a motion to revoke his probation in a Sagadahoc County matter. The direct consequence of the investigations by the Bath and Brunswick Police is that he has been sentenced to 49 months in prison for his conduct in 2015.”

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