“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven”. Ecclesiastes 3:1

The Seasons of our Lives

The leaves are beginning to show color and are dropping gently to the ground like teardrops, as if the trees are grieving the passing of summer. But like it or not the seasons change; spring becomes summer, summer becomes fall and fall becomes winter. New life emerges, fulfills its purpose, and dies. We are powerless to control the weather or the changing seasons. All we can do is adapt to the changes. But our God is a God of order, and could it be that he created the seasons to reflect the stages of our lives? No matter how hard we try to keep things the same, we cannot avoid the fact that the world is constantly evolving around us. God wants us to love every stage of our lives; when we are young and vigorous, in our middle years when we are challenged to innovate and solve problems, and finally when we grow old and become filled with wisdom. Change stretches us and enables us to go forward and use our gifts and talents to fulfill God’s purposes for us. And if we embrace the seasons of our lives, we can weather the transitions gracefully and bring forth a bountiful harvest from each one of us.

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