Every fall at our camp in the White Mountains my friends, family and I go hunting, and I can tell you there’s no place prettier this time of year.

Getting outside while hunting for deer and upland birds, or plinking at targets, is a great way to pass time with buddies.

But just because we’re gun owners and outdoorsmen doesn’t mean we ought to reject reasonable steps to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

Question 3 applies the same rules, whether we buy from a gun shop or from a neighbor – and I’ve done both before.

Background checks may mean one extra step to getting in the woods, but so does taking a hunter safety course, or planning to get a license. One step to help limit access to guns in the hands of those who’d do themselves or others harm? That’s easy.

I’ll be voting yes on 3.

Peter Quesada
South Freeport 

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