Bil Weidner


Office Sought: Representative – District 52
Age: 54
Occupation: Sales
Education: BS Microbiology
Family: Divorced with two children
Hometown: Bath

Political experience

I was elected to the University of Maine General Student Senate as a leader for the “Non-Traditional” student population. I was a Navy Veteran and there were others like me, generally older than 18-22, folks who were going back to school later in life, International transfer students, some gays and lesbians wanting a more mature housing situation (outside of a traditional dorm) and some hippies living in a coop :).

Why are you running for office?

I am running for office for a few reasons. Once I became aware that no one was running against the incumbent Democrat in Bath, I investigated what the position required as far as time and other responsibilities. I also visited Augusta as a guest to a Republican caucus and became energized. As a Republican, I am unhappy with the results of many years of Democrat lead policy in Maine. Although we have had Republican leadership in the Executive and in the Senate, the government closest to the people is in the House and Republicans have been in the minority there for way too long. We need balance in government and if things can’t be 50/50 on any given year then control needs to shift from party to party to work for the people. My election would put the House within six or so seats away from a House majority, and a new wave for pro-economic growth Republican lead agenda.


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