A major issue affecting Mainers is long-term energy policy. Governor LePage and his Republican supporters favor ever greater reliance on fossil fuels and the international corporations pushing them. My House District 28 representative, Heather Sirocki, one of these fossil fuel champions, helped to narrowly defeat the well-crafted solar bill in the last legislative session.

I strongly support investing in alternative energy strategies for Maine homes and businesses. As a homeowner with clean solar electricity I know that it is a much cheaper way forward. Plus it has the critical bonus of combating the rising dangers of climate change.

Chris Caiazzo is squarely in favor of energy independence for Maine. As an engineer who respects and understands the science, Chris calls for a rapid transition from 19th century fossil fuels to 21st century alternatives. It can and is being done. I’m voting for Chris to help us do it here.

Charles Spanger