Chris A. Johansen


Office Sought: Representative – District 145
Age: 64
Occupation: Retired Law Enforcement Officer
Education: Some college
Family: Married, two grown children, three grown grandchildren
Hometown: Monticello

Political experience

I’m not new to the political process, but I am new to being a candidate. I’ve held leadership roles in various organizations throughout my life. I would like to bring some of that leadership to the House of Representatives.

Why are you running for office?

To keep the businesses we have in the state, we need to get our finances and regulatory climate under control. With this Governor, the opportunity to fix this presents itself. I would like to be part of that effort. I’ve lived through 18% interest rates for the first home I purchased here in Maine… The choices we make today will affect our children and grand children. It’s time to make some decisions and perhaps some hard choices to make our state economically sound for a better and steadfast future. A future that will provide the next generation the base to build upon for generations to come.


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