I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Donovan when he was running for Town Council three years ago. It didn’t take long for me to realize Bill cared deeply about this town and the people that live here. He is smart, kind and honest.

Bill takes his responsibilities as town councilor very seriously, and I feel he approaches the issues of this town with great consideration. He takes the time to listen to all parties and does his “homework” to ensure he is as informed on the subject being discussed as possible. As a School Board member, I have worked with Bill directly these past three years with regards to the school budget. In all our interactions I always felt that Bill was well prepared, thoughtful in his questions and balanced in his decision making. He is always seeking to move the conversation forward in a constructive and respectful manner. Bill values input and feedback and makes decisions based on what is best for the town. Bill’s experience, knowledge and approach to decision making will continue to move our town in a positive direction.

I am proudly supporting Bill Donovan for Town Council.

Jodi Shea