Edward Paradis


Office Sought: Representative – District 122
Age: 60
Occupation: Information technology
Education: MPA – Master of Public Administration degree, University of Maine, 2012; Bachelor of Arts degree, Liberal Arts/Communications, Ambassador University, 1986.
Family: Single. Extended family in the Old Town/Bangor area.
Hometown: Old Town

Political experience

No prior experience, which I believe is a good thing! I consider myself to be an independent thinker and am fair-minded, and have experience working with those of opposing beliefs. I will work to improve the discourse in Augusta. What has gone on there for the past 40 years has not worked! It is time for a change!

Why are you running for office?

I am an Old Town native, born and raised in the area. I attended Old Town schools K-12, earned an advanced degree at the University of Maine, and am a local businessman. I believe I am well-prepared by experience and education to represent House District 122. I believe that Old Town can once again have the vibrant economy it once had. I believe state government needs to be smaller and more efficient. We can find creative ways to do more with less while supporting our most vulnerable residents. We need to do more to support education at all levels; to providsupport for teachers and the classroom while spending less administratively, We need to ease the burden of taxes and decrease energy costs for our citizens, businesses and industries. Doing so will attract greater economic activity and enable current and future job creators to prosper; a win-win for all. We need to use our natural resources, developing our forest products, agriculture and other industries while protecting our environment through conservation practices. I support our right to bear arms, and support law enforcement, for increased penalties for drug trafficking to stem this increasing our communities. I am concerned about the effects of the Juniper Ridge Landfill – to insure limits and safeguards are in place to mitigate any impact on our local environment, including the Penobscot River downstream from the site.

I worked for over a decade to help establish The Shepherd’s Godparent Home, a 501(c)3 nonprofit residential maternity home in Bangor as a volunteer and a board member. I have a heart for pre-borns, babies, their moms and families. At the other end of the spectrum, having been a caregiver for my aging mother for years I am sensitive to the needs of our older residents and will fight to protect their interests.

I love Maine and want to improve life for all our citizens. I believe I am uniquely qualified to be a strong advocate for Old Town and Indian Island residents in Augusta.


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