Erik C. Jorgensen


Office Sought: Representative – District 41
Age: 52
Occupation: Consultant, formerly director of Maine Humanities Council
Education: BA Bowdoin College, MPA Harvard University
Family: Married to Tamara Risser, one child
Hometown: Portland (Harvard, MA)

Political experience

I have served two terms in the Maine House of Representatives, and during both those terms have sat on the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee, which has allowed me to gain a broad understanding of Maine’s government at the budgetary level.

Why are you running for office?

I am running in order to assure that Portland is treated fairly in the State budget and to fight what I see as radical policies being promoted by the current administration. My areas of particular interest include public education, clean energy, and addressing issues deriving from Maine’s aging population such as shrinking workforce, a growing elderly population, and the need to tap the talents of our immigrant community. I am very concerned about Maine’s growing childhood hunger problem, and the rising rates of the uninsured. I will fight to have Maine join the rest of the Northeast in expanding Medicaid.

I am capable of working effectively across the aisle. My statewide experience of 25 years working in the educational field through the Maine Humanities Council and as a museum administrator before that has provided me with understanding of the whole state, not just Portland.


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