Jonathan Fulford
Jonathan Fulford


Office Sought: Senator – District 11
Age: 55
Occupation: Carpenter/Builder
Education: High school education
Family: Married, four children, five grandchildren
Hometown: Monroe

Political experience

I ran for state senate seat District #11 in 2014 and lost a close race after the recount. I have served on the Belfast Energy Committee since 2015. I have not served in an elected public office.

Why are you running for office?

I have five grandchildren who remind me everyday of my commitment to creating a future that is better than what we have now, not worse. I believe that the challenges we face can be solved and that our government plays a key role in determining our success.
The influence of money in politics has created a government that often reflects the interests of large, out-of-state and international corporations over the best interests of the people of Maine. I will not participate in the pay-to-play politics and the culture of backroom deals that is accepted in Augusta. Transparency in politics will require following the rules for public notification and public participation and full disclosure of which private interests are involved. Sunshine is the best deterrent to corruption. I will only work for the people of Waldo County and Maine. As a politician and lawmaker, I will never take any corporate money.
We need more living wage jobs, we need an economy that works for everyone, not just the very top. As a small business owner for over thirty years, I know that the future of our economy depends on small businesses, I want to remove unnecessary regulations that burden farms and small business while still holding all corporations accountable for protecting the natural resources that we all depend upon and enjoy.
Climate change threatens our society and our planet and must be addressed now. There solutions that we can act on now that will create good jobs and strengthen our economy.

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