Kent Ackley
Kent Ackley


Office Sought: Representative – District 82
Age: 49
Occupation: Registered Maine Guide, Small Business Owner
Education: BA Economics, Brown University, 1989 and MBA, Computer Information Systems, Bryant University 2002
Family: Married, 4 step children, 1 grand daughter
Hometown: Monmouth

Political experience

I am a Common Sense Independent, a regular citizen who has always paid attention to the issues and voted for policy and people, not the party line. I’m not ready to sit on the sidelines and let the parties own my democracy

Why are you running for office?

Around the dinner table, Mom (a lifelong Democrat) and Dad (a loyal Republican) would help my brothers and I understand all sides of a (sometimes heated) debate. I grew up to become an informed citizen who was willing to listen to new ideas, but understanding that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. When I registered to vote, I registered independent – and I always have been.
Today, parts of our political system are approaching a breaking point. An example is the “arsenic in well water” abatement bill that was sabotaged in the last session by four changed votes. When he changed his vote, my Representative declared the bill was ineffective, and government overreach. He’s mistaken.
This bill would have required landlords to disclose well tests to tenants (not something that is currently required). In addition, it would have educated families about the consequences of drinking arsenic contaminated well water: a Columbia University study shows that children lose an average of 5 IQ points and adults can get cancer. Kennebec County (Maine’s capital of bedrock arsenic) is in the middle of a slow motion drinking water crisis. It’s estimated that 25% of wells in Litchfield, Monmouth, and Wales are contaminated, but still in use.
So why am I running? Because I’m being misrepresented. Public health information is not government overreach. It is what gives everyday families information to protect themselves. This issue is not that government is too big, or too small – it’s government that is smart.
That’s just common sense.

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