Michael Coleman


Office Sought: Representative – District 13
Age: 56
Occupation: Professional Driver and Self-employed
Education:University of New Hampshire, Business Administration major, Economics minor
Family: Married with two children in public schools.
Hometown: Old Orchard Beach

Political experience

Served on the Old Orchard Beach Town Council from 2011-2013 and held the line on taxes during my tenure. I’ve worked on several issues that came before the Maine Legislature over the past five years including submitting oral and written testimony to legislative committees.

Why are you running for office?

Old Orchard Beach deserves a State Representative who will actively fight for the residents and taxpayers of our town. Our schools which serve a challenging student population receive only 12% of their funding from the state. Over 12 years ago the state through a referendum passed a law requiring 55% of the cost for essential programs and services to be funded by the state. Ours is a Title I district with a high number of students on free or reduced lunch. Additionally, not only will our schools in OOB not receive any additional funding if Question 2 passes, only California will have a higher marginal income tax rate than Maine.

We are losing too many people to opiate and opioid addiction. The last legislature made a mistake in eliminating the possibility of felony charges for possession of small amounts of heroin, even for repeat offenders. My plan would reinstate that possibility with the offender given the opportunity of obtaining treatment. If the offenders can show they stay clean for a significant period of time, the charges will be reduced or dropped. We cannot expect addicts to have a moment of clarity when all they currently face is a misdemeanor charge resulting in little or no jail time. We don’t want to see addicts in jail. We want them to get better. The criminal justice system can be a powerful tool toward this goal. On the other hand, we must deal harshly with anyone trafficking this poison

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