As a graduate of South Portland High School living in New Haven, Conn., I feel proud knowing the place I call home is represented by a leader as progressive and dedicated to her constituents as Sen. Rebecca Millett. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that she was named Maine’s top champion for education this year by the Maine Education Association. In addition to the years she spent on the Cape Elizabeth School Board advocating for students, she’s now actively working in the Legislature to ease the burden of student debt and ensure that local schools facing financial crisis have the funds they need to minimize painful budget cuts.

Of course, this commitment to supporting education in our state is just one example of Rebecca tirelessly pursuing the causes that matter most to our next generation of Mainers. Recognizing the threat climate change poses to future generations, and the role Maine can play in minimizing that threat, she has fought for solar energy legislation that creates renewable energy jobs and brings us closer to energy independence. She values rehabilitation over incarceration in combatting Maine’s drug crisis, supports law enforcement diversion programs that give recovering Mainers the help they actually need, and advocates for infrastructural investments that make our economic futures brighter.

For these reasons, and many more, we’re lucky to have Rebecca on the ballot  for Senate District 29 this November. Please join me on Tuesday, Nov. 8, in re-electing Sen. Rebecca Millett.

Jackson Beck

New Haven, Connecticut