Paul Chace


Office Sought: Representative – District 46
Age: 49
Occupation: Pharmacist/ Pharmacy Consultant
Education: BS Pharmacy, URI
Family: Karen, spouse
Hometown: Durham

Political experience

Served 1 term in the current 127th Legislature as a member of the Committee on Taxation. Past experiences in Maine Board of Pharmacy and other professional organizations.

Why are you running for office?

Reducing the burden to live in Maine, increasing opportunities for good industry, professional and technical job enterprises to increase in Maine. Our quality of life is great, our homegrown ingenuity and ability to help others and thrive and survive is great, and we need businesses looking for such talent to be able to afford to set up here in Maine. If they do a cost / benefit analysis and look at our utilities and tax burdens that are equal to states with much higher incomes, we just aren’t attractive enough. A business will always look at the bottom line when looking for opportunity. Good quality of life, evironment, schools and work ethic are already here, and that does have an effect, but if our utilities, business taxes (43rd highest in US), property taxes, income taxes are all on the high ends, it is too expensive to do business here. These margins are improving and we need to continue on this path without continuing to drive our retirees out of state as well as our children.

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