Richard Fochtmann
Richard Fochtmann


Office Sought: Senator – District 22
Age: 73
Occupation: Retired
Education: Some college, some technical training, some apprenticeship, and life
Family: Married
Hometown: Leeds

Political experience

None as a politician. But I watch what is happening and it is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned for the country. They were afraid of career politicians, demigods, kings, and did not trust the only corporation in existence at that time, the Hudson Bay Company. They also feared the rancor of political parties and the emotionalism of the uneducated. Their vision for the United States government was for retired older men (unfortunately women had no vote then) to serve the country for a short time and then go back to where they came from. They did not envision the country being taken over by the super wealthy, corporations & the politicians in their pockets who make laws only for their paymasters and the corporations’ benefit.

Why are you running for office?

I have never fancied myself as a politician, more a thorn in the side of politicians. But the incumbent doesn’t serve the people in this district, frequently refusing to even communicate with them. He is a surrogate for two of the wealthiest of men in America – men who make in ONE HOUR (approx. $66K) 1/3 more than the average, and more than 4 times the lowest paid Maine citizen makes in one year. I find that obscene. The incumbent, like the Governor, does not seem to mind – they want to increase the wealth of the rich. Since no one else wanted to stand against him on the ballot, I felt that it was my civic duty to have my name on the ballot as a placeholder until the Dems could find a politician to replace me – but they didn’t and now I am the candidate. I was drafted once before and will serve again if elected.
I believe that Maine’s issues are property tax relief, education, jobs, infrastructure, healthcare, and raising Mainer’s standard of living. I don’t think that giving the rich more money through tax breaks works – they have far more than they need, and don’t spend all that they have, hiding it in Wall Street and overseas. To work, an economy needs cash flowing from one person to another. I believe that if you give the average Mainer a tax break, they will help to create jobs by spending ALL of their money, EVERY paycheck. Working people with living wages creates more jobs than fattening the wallets of the rich.

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