River Payne


Office Sought: Representative – District 16
Age: 46
Occupation: Nurse, Chair of Hollis Select Board
Education: BA in Political Science from Binghamton University, MA in Media from NYU, BSRN from USM
Family: 2 children
Hometown: Hollis

Political experience

I am 46. When I was 19 I began to understand that women’s health issues affected everyone, and I needed to participate. I have been involved ever since, from educating citizen’s on nuclear waste in 1989, to BPA in 2014.

Why are you running for office?

I have been involved politically since 1989 on many issues. As a nurse, I became directly involved in 2013 when our State refused the Medicaid Expansion. This planned expansion covered the individuals who were going to fall outside of the Affordable Care Act’s coverage. Individuals I knew were harmed by our State’s rejection of healthcare. Along with many other caring individuals, I began visiting Augusta and became more involved in my community and politically.

I am currently serving as the Chair for the Hollis Select Board and General Assistance Administrator. In this role, I can see when the State is shifting a financial burden onto the Town. As your State Representative, I will work to reverse this trend.

As a parent, I believe we are all accountable for ensuring that our children have a sound education. They have difficult decisions ahead. I believe education is prevention and is the only sustainable answer we have to the many issues that face us today.

And lastly, I feel that more women in politics is vitally important. I know it is hard to step out of our already uncomfortable zones and speak up; but there is nothing more important than your voice right now.

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