Robert Alan Foley


Office Sought: Representative – District 7
Age: 64
Occupation: Insurance Sales
Education: BS Degree, Political Science/Public Policy USM
Family: Married, with 2 sons
Hometown: Wells

Political experience

I served the Town of Wells for 15 years on the Board of Selectmen, 8 as Chairman, served on the Library Board of Trustees, Comprehensive Planning committee, Charter Commission also as Chair. At the state level I also served on the Board of Environmental Protection and was its Chair for 2 years before resigning when first elected as State Representative in 2014.

Why are you running for office?

I am a life-long Maine resident having grown up in Kittery. I’ve lived in the Town of Wells for the past 38 years and have been active in the town serving on many Boards, committees and community organizations. I know the town and the issues it and the residents face. I believe I’ve been an effective voice for them as a selectman and as their current State Representative. As our population ages we need to make sure we are taking care of our seniors while at the same time providing opportunities for our younger members and families to be able to continue to live and work in our community. The economy in southern Maine is in much better shape than other parts of the state and we need to find a way to bridge that gap and bring opportunity and prosperity to all of Maine. That means lower energy costs, improving our tax code, providing incentives for folks to perhaps relocate where employees are needed. As a businessman I know how small business works and what we need to do to incentivize investment and job creation. Having served one term as a Representative I now have the experience to continue the hard work already started without having to learn how to get things accomplished.

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