Scott Hamann


Office Sought: Representative – District 32
Age: 35
Occupation: Project Manager
Education: MBA – University of Southern Maine (’16)
Family: Not submitted
Hometown: South Portland (Nashua, NH)

Political experience

126th Legislature – State Representative – Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development Committee
127th Legislature – State Representative – Health & Human Services Committee

Why are you running for office?

I am running for re-election to continue advocating for economic and social justice. Too often in Augusta I’ve seen the voices of low-income Mainers and vulnerable populations drowned out by lobbyists and corporate interests. It is particularly disturbing to witness the sharpest increase of ‘extreme child poverty’ in the country at the same time that the LePage administration has cut services and withheld funding to support Maine children in need.

Additionally, I am running to support our teachers, students, and schools that deserve adequate and predictable funding. Maine’s future workforce, and ultimately our economy in the long run, depends on educating our kids today. We all have a vested interest in investing in a high quality education system.

And finally, I’m a firm believer that every family deserves a family doctor. We ought to expand Medicaid and ensure that people have access to healthcare. My committee worked several bills to accomplish this goal, but the governor and Republicans in the House and Senate said “no”. For the sake of our neighbors’ health and quality of life, I hope to accomplish Medicaid expansion in the 128th legislature next year.


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