Sonja Sleeper


Office Sought: Representative – District 92
Age: 55
Occupation: Administrator
Education: B.A. Fine Arts, Rutgers University
Family: Single
Hometown: South Thomaston

Political experience

Not a professional politician, more of a gradual process that began in 2001 and culminated in a run for select board and then a prior run for representative. I am learning as I go, the point of my run is to define a new type of candidate and representative. I am rough around the edges but I have some good ideas that are worth pursuing and sharing with others. I am a member of the Town of South Thomaston’s Budget and planning committees, and am active in my community.

Why are you running for office?

I am running to see what I can do. Tired of sitting on the sidelines looking in and I believe I have a good argument and will be able to accomplish much needed tax reforms. I hope to begin the process of property tax reform, inclusive of the State funding formula. We can no longer increase taxes or even expand the taxable item list, we need to diversify and consider changes to how we tax. This is something that will benefit everyone. I do not believe in large scale alternative energy, not cost effective or productive, prefer investing in supplemental power for local areas or homeowners. After all why pay to develop and then pay again to get delivery and use it? I also believe our best choice for the future is in local focus not state, regional or national when it comes to community building and development. i.e. Keep our tax dollars in our community. I also firmly believe that no one in public service or the government gets more than whats available in the private sector, the government is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people. Not a self sustaining organism that keeps multiplying. If revenues are down, no new taxes to make up the difference same as the individual facing loss of income.


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