We are wholeheartedly endorsing Rebecca Millett for state Senate. We have known Rebecca for several years, both personally and professionally and can think of no better person to represent our district on the issues that are so important to us.

Rebecca Millett is devoted public servant, a steady advocate for Maine citizens, a senator who approaches each day with clear goals and pragmatic solutions. She is also a loyal friend with a keen intellect and sharp wit, that person who makes you think harder about most every subject.

We are grateful to Rebecca for focusing her considerable talents on solving the thorniest problems facing Maine today, including quality education for all children, reducing opiate abuse, reliable services for our seniors, improving the economy, and passing legislation that protects our valuable environment and natural resources for future generations.

Rebecca has proven leadership skills. Her ability to work productively with colleagues, and the respect she has earned from those on both sides of the aisle make her an very effective advocate for us all. Her background in mathematics and finance, coupled with a broad-minded approach to setting priorities and allocating resources wisely renders her all the more valuable in overcoming party-line gridlock.

Please join us in re-electing Sen. Rebecca Millett, who has earned our confidence, and support, with her many legislative achievements during the four years she has been in Augusta – solutions that have improved people’s lives in the great state of Maine.

Beth and Kevin Stilphen

Cape Elizabeth