Mainers will make a very important choice Nov. 8. It has nothing to do with who’ll be president in 2017, and everything to do with having better elections from now on. It is their vote on Question 5.

I’m writing in support of Ranked Choice Voting (aka Yes on 5), because it’s common sense reform that puts power back in the hands of voters.

So often, we find ourselves afraid to split the vote. At the same time, the lesser of two evils seems to be a bigger moral compromise each election. Whether you’re horrified by the conduct of the candidates or appalled by the choices the major parties present this year, it’s important that candidates are elected by a majority if voter satisfaction is ever going to improve. Ranking our choices is the answer.

With ranked choice voting, if your first choice doesn’t have enough votes to win, your vote will automatically move to your second choice candidate. You can vote your conscience safe in the knowledge that, should they not get enough support, your vote goes to the next best choice, rather than splitting the vote. Yes on 5 means candidates can no longer count on fear to keep you in line. They’ll have to actually earn your vote. This could change elections forever.

Please help spread the word. Right now, go tell 5 people why it’s important we change how we vote. Yes on 5: Vote for a future of better elections.

Eli Edgecomb


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