It was just five years ago when heavy snow across New England canceled Halloween trick-or-treating for many children. The snow, which fell just a few days before Halloween, amounted to over a foot in some areas. That storm was the earliest 5 inches of snow on record in Portland.

The October snowstorm in 2011 left heavy snow across much of the northeast

The October snowstorm in 2011 left heavy snow across much of the Northeast. NOAA

Amazingly, 20 inches piled up in Acton, and 17 inches in Bridgton. Fast-forward to this year, when a cold rainstorm has brought down many of the leaves, but won’t leave any other traces as the kids head out to trick-or-treat over the next three nights.
Some towns will send their kids out on Saturday, the 29th, with quite a few celebrating on Sunday and still others waiting until the 31st to hand out candy.

The weather is paramount for being outside each evening and it does appear the chance of rain is very small two of the next three nights with just a chance of showers this evening.

Since we are still on daylight saving time the sun won’t set until about 5:40. This gives enough light to see clearly until about 6 p.m. After this time you will need to have flashlights and glow sticks for the kids to safely walk the streets.

Saturday, 4-8 p.m.
Sky will be mostly cloudy. There could be a few showers as temperatures fall from the upper 40s to the mid-40s during this time period. The chance of rain actually goes down as the evening progresses. Winds will be brisk and make it feel a bit colder than the actual air temperatures.

Sunday, 4-8 p.m.
The map below shows an area of rain, in green, over much of southern New England around 8 p.m. However, I am expecting this rain to stay south and leave Maine dry. Temperatures will be seasonable, mostly in the lower 50s. There isn’t any moonlight this week so once it does get dark, it will be quite dark.

Showers will fall south of Maine Sunday evening

Showers will fall south of Maine Sunday evening. Tropical Tidbits

Halloween evening, 4-8 p.m.
While some treat Halloween like a holiday, most of us will be coming home from work during this time. Remember there will be kids on the street. I think the weather will be nice, but cool Monday evening. Temperatures will fall through the 40s during this time period and end up into the 30s late in the evening.

The start of November will see a warming trend with plenty of sunshine next week! Happy Halloween.