FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Could the Patriots ever trade Tom Brady?

As unlikely as that sounds, it’s certainly possible. After seeing Bill Belichick trade Jamie Collins, Chandler Jones, Logan Mankins, Randy Moss, Deion Branch and Richard Seymour, it’s clear that anyone can be dealt in New England.

This week, Brady got a stark reminder that one day it could be him and said that he has considered that one day it could be him getting traded from the Patriots.

“Yeah. Absolutely,” Brady said. “You can’t be around this long and not realize that the world will keep spinning and the sun will come up tomorrow without you.

“That’s just the way it goes and I think you enjoy just the experiences you have and also understand it just keeps going on. So, it could happen to anybody.”

Brady has certainly seen a lot of star players come and go during his time with the Patriots.

But that didn’t make seeing Collins traded any easier.

“Well because you are just a human and you have these personal relationships with a lot of players. I’ve had a lot of great relationships with all those guys,” Brady said. “I still do, and I don’t think that ever changes, but you also understand there is always change in the NFL.

“That’s just the way it has to go. The changes take place in the offseason, they take place in training camp; you could very easily lose a player to injury. It’s always changing and evolving and it’s a challenging part about the NFL, but it’s definitely inevitable. Everyone is still going to be in touch with him. He’s our friend for life, so that doesn’t change.”