I noticed that several police chiefs have an ad on television, essentially saying that a background check would help stop the slayings of women in domestic violence. However, the law as written, states that loans, gifts, sales of guns among family members is exempt. First, it would be necessary to define what “family” is, then the question becomes, “How do background checks stop family members from loaning, trading or buying guns from each other?” Since domestic violence includes members of the family being exempt, it would not prevent such occurences.

Due to the “new age” we live in, I expect that defining what a family is, might itself be contentious, let alone stopping gun violence. Even so, would you trust some bureaucrat either state or federal, maybe hundreds of miles away, who has never seen you, let alone talk to you, determine who could or could not own a gun? To take things a little further, there could be a group formed to require background checking for anyone wanting to buy a car; after all, automobile drivers kill thousands and those people are just as dead a those killed with a gun. Some may want to think before they leap.

Clifton E. Foster