A week after the highest of all glass ceilings proved indestructible, a congressional panel finds the country needs a national museum dedicated to showcasing the contributions and experiences of American women.

To be called the American Museum of Women’s History, the institution would open in a new or existing building on or near the Washington Mall and would be operated by the Smithsonian Institution. Private donors would provide the estimated $150 million to $180 million needed for the construction or renovation.

“It’s long overdue, and D.C. visitors deserve to be inspired by stories of women,” U.S. Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney said before accepting the final report Wednesday. “It will speak to the world, making it known that Americans value women, equality and the significant contributions of women throughout our history.”

Maloney, a sponsor of the legislation that created the commission in 2014, said she had hoped the report would come after “the final glass ceiling would have been smashed with a female president.” But last week’s election “makes me feel more determined to help make this happen.”

“This needs and deserves to be an official part of the Smithsonian,” she said.

In its report, the eight-member, bipartisan panel provides a 10-year, three-part plan that begins with a Women’s History Museum Initiative within the Smithsonian that will create programs and exhibitions for other museums. Meanwhile, a site for a modestly-sized museum of 75,000-90,000 square feet would be selected and a fundraising campaign launched.

“There is a need for this and we have put forth a path that’s workable and realistic, and there’s room for everybody to be part of the process,” commission chairwoman Jane Abraham said.

“What currently exists isn’t enough.”