The membership of the Maine Principals’ Association approved a proposal Thursday limiting the number of pitches that can be thrown by high school baseball pitchers.

The new rules are in response to a mandate from the National Federation of State High School Associations that all states implement pitch counts for the 2017 season.

Each state is allowed to set its own limits.

Previously, Maine has had limits on innings pitched, but not for number of pitches. Now, varsity pitchers will be limited to 110 pitches in a game and will be required to take rest days based on the number of pitches thrown.

The breakdown is as follows:

 21-39 pitches: 1 day off

 40-65 pitches: 2 days off

 66–95 pitches: 3 days off

 96-110 pitches: 4 days off

Pitchers who throw 20 or fewer pitches will still be eligible to pitch the next day. When a pitcher reaches the maximum of 110 pitches, he’ll be allowed to complete the current at-bat before he’s relieved.

Teams are responsible for keeping their own pitch counts during the regular season, but the MPA will keep track of pitch counts for playoff games, based on the proposal put forth by the MPA’s baseball committee.

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